Koi with JapKoi.com Japanese Koi Carp fish - Specialists in Japanese Koi Carp
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Koi with JapKoi.com Japanese Koi Carp fish - Specialists in Japanese Koi Carp

Japanese Koi specialists, information and resources for the Koi enthusiast.

Jap Koi - Devoted to Koi.


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The .com on line home of the Japanese Koi Carp:


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Jap Koi .com is in it's build process so please make allowances, it takes some time, it is a passion, a dedication and labour of love. Although in time we aim to make this the best on line resource for Koi lovers across the globe, with not only products and of course high grade fish but most of all information on the history of the koi, their physiology, health, characteristics and most of all in regards to successful keeping and husbandry techniques. Our aim is to help make sure your Koi are kept healthy, happy and free from the stresses of life, helping make your pond glow to all that share in it, in turn bringing warmth to your Soul.

Some of the fish to grace this network are beautiful examples of high grade Japanese Koi (Nishikigoi), pictured above are two exceptionally stunning Japanese Koi, to the left is a beautiful Tancho Kohaku, known commonly as the 'Tancho'; to some the most treasured of all Koi and to the right an exceptional Tancho Showa (a firm favourite of mine and no doub't thousands of others). We are proud to have these fish grace our pages, truly beautiful examples of the types. Koi carp come in numerous types (classifications) and sub type classifications displaying  no end of colours and scale patterns in differing combinations, this site will inform you of the different classifications  becoming an informative resource for the Koi enthusiast, as will all the sites in the network.

Koi keeping is something rather special, to be lucky enough to own or share in the beauty of a Koi pond is something to be treasured, let alone shared. The Japanese people themselves are very passionate about the Koi carp, the Koi as a symbol of love and friendship, I can think of nothing more fitting. The cult of the Koi is a global phenomenon, it is not hard to see why when such beauty is before you.

We are very proud to own the .com homes of the Tancho Koi Carp, the Tancho Sanke and Tancho Showa, as very special varieties of Koi they deserve their net based homage and individual spaces in cyberspace, as well do others:

Click on the desired image for more on the individual variety.

Some of our Koi site domains, from left to right:

http://www.TanchoShowa.com  http://www.TanchoKoiCarp.com  http://www.TanchoSanke.com  http://www.Showa&Sanke.com


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http://www.TanchoKoi.com  http://www.KoiFoo.com


KoiFoo.com is currently under construction as a public forum; which we are working hard to bring you soon. Building a safe and secure forum requires some dedication and being just one woman with a vision, designing it is a mission of love but I hope the fruits of my labour will be worth it.

Just some of the fish gracing JapKoi.com - Some great content soon to arrive.

 A beautiful example of the Kohaku koi, note the balance of the orange, it's symetry and in reference to the white of the Koi, beautiful rich and vibrant colour, a firm favourite amongst enthusiasts.

A stunner of a Showa Koi carp, deep rich pigmentation and balance of markings and colour, a very high grade fish.

As well as being Koi enthusiasts one of us, namely Tara likes to write and compose music across a wide array of Dance, Trance, Ambient, DnB and Classical genres. Some have graced the airwaves, another labour of love along with Sculpture Poetry and Painting. For some examples of her music please click on any of the images below:

The Space Druid (Ambient) Free Download for a limited time  -   Rise (Ambient New age classical)


Album due soon.

Koi come in all  builds and colours, some exceptionally stunning fish, this particular Doitsu Koi (above) is a fine example of this fact.

A beautiful example of a Japanese high grade Isa Showa Koi.

Click on image above for details on a great low price e book guide to the keeping of koi.

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This Site as it evolves is part of our Site Network dedicated to the Beauty and passion of The Japanese Koi Carp.

The site will become a wonderful resource for those interested in this most beautiful of fish and show of refined excellence in the fine tuning of parental genetic inheritance across generations. The birthplace of the Koi 'Japan' is the still the ultimate centre for Koi Breeding and finese, it's secrets remain secret. The Fish produced continue to stun us all at every turn, every year remarkable beauties are born.

When a very young child seeing a Koi pond for the first time was unlike anything I had ever seen, the great leviathans cruising the waters surfrace with grace and elegance was magic to me, to then see the power they behold as they whip their caudal fins had me in awe. It was then that I decided one day I would make this passion along with my dreams a reality so many years of study then followed.

A stunning high grade example of Sanke Koi.

The quality of fish coming to grace this network is a joy and as it grows as will the focus and dedication.

We have a long history in Koi tied with a life long passion and hope that our Love will join yours in producing Sites that display our passion and Love in a very special way.

Click on the image above or below for a great low priced guide to building your dream Koi pond.

A koi pond can be such a beautiful place, you can sit and relax, losing many hours as the Koi transfix you with their graceful movements and occasional bursts of power. To own a koi pond is a joy and once you experience the cult of the koi the joy will never fade. Koi ponds can be as low or as high tech as you dream fulfilling most budgets.


Another great guide to building your dream Koi pond.

How to build Bio filtration, Ultraviolet cleansing systems and much more.

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For a great informative DVD collection on Koi keeping for beginners click on the images below:


Please be aware Our Site is in progress and is subject to change frequently.

Koi sculptures

If you would like a sculpture done of a treasured Koi please email me, price will be dependent on the size wanted. If you are interested in having a commisioned piece done of either a Prize and loved Koi or perhaps a special Carp caught in your much loved fishery, please read on.

I will Sculpt your treasured Fish in High grade Polymer Clays to any size up to a maximum of  14 inches in height. Prices will vary on individual requirements. Please check back for some of my One Of A Kind Koi Sculptures and limited edition castings, Vases and paintings.

Kind Regards


Please drop me an email bondarts@yahoo.co.uk 

Please check back for regularly for Site development.

If you would be so kind, it would be an honour for you to have a listen to some of my Musical creations and compositions under my guise of The Tribe Of The Moon. Please click on the image below:

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